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 фотоImomzoda Mukhammadyusuf Saidali – the Doctor of Philology, professor, the rector of the Tajik National University, the academician of Academy of Sciences of Republic of Tajikistan, academician of Academy of pedagogical and social sciences of the Russian Federation.

Imomzoda Mukhammadyusuf Saidali was born on April, 28th,1959 in Temurmalik district of Hatlon region. In 1981 graduated from the philological faculty of the Tajik State University named after V.I.Lenin (nowadays the-Tajik national university).

His labour activity has begun as the senior laboratorian of the Institute of language and literature nemed by Abuabdullo Rudaki of Academy of Sciences of the Tajik Soviet Socialist Republic (1981-1984). In 1984-1985., had training in the Institute of the world literature named after M.Gorkiy of the Academy of Sciences of  the USSR. From 1985-1991 was the research assistant of Institute of language and the literature Abuabdullo Rudaki of the Academyof Sciences of Tajikistan. In 1990 successfully  defended the master's thesis on a theme «Portrait Art in S.Ajni's prose».

From 1991 to 2004 Imomzoda Mukhammadyusuf Saidali worked as the teacher, the senior lecturer of the department of the theory of the newest Tajik-Persian literature and the dean of philological faculty of the Tajik national university. In days of a management of faculty Imomzoda M.S. paid much attention to formation improvement of quality, development of a philological science, the edition of the methodological literature, strengthening of material base of the faculty. For this period the philological faculty has reached the big successes in the preparation of scientific specialists, having turned to the center of preparation of literary critics and linguists of republic. In 2002 Imomzoda M.S. successfully defended the thesis for a doctor's degree on the theme «The Art of thought and poetics of the art prose of S.Ayni»

Professor Imomzoda M.S. is actively engaged in research activity. He is the author of more than 200 scientific and methodical works on pressing questions of the Tajik literature. Among the most known works are- «Questions on the Tajik language and the literature» (1998), «Spirituality and a visible trace " (2000) «World outlook and art of S.Ajni's thinking» (2011)., Etc.

The known literary critic, professor Imomzoda M.S. takes worthy place in the modern Tajik literary criticism, making huge contribution to development of the Tajik philological science. Scientific researches of professor Imomzoda M.S. cover pressing questions of history and the literature theory, and also the literary criticism and comparative literary criticism, the theory of translation, features of modern Tajik poetry and prose. Thanks to work of the scientist in the Tajik literary criticism ,the new concept of poetic prose on materials of products of modern prose writers has been developed.

Considering high organizing and mental abilities of the professor of Imomzoda M.S., the Government of Republic of Tajikistan in 2004 appointed him the rector of the Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University(RTSU), and in 2012 the rector of leading high school of Republic of Tajikistan - the Tajik National University(TNU).

Under the management of Imomzoda M.S. the staff of RTSU and TNU made the essential contribution to dialogue of interstate humanitarian cooperation, in strengthening of national and language mutual relations not only within the country, but also at the regional and international levels.

The great attention of Imomzoda M.S. paid to questions of functioning and Russian languages development in territory of the CIS. By RTSU was opened the fund «Russian World», the Forum of graduates of Russian high schools was held "under the title Science and education" in the framework of 3rd Forum of creative and scientific intelligency of the CIS countries. In the framework of the Federal target program "Russian Language" together with the Moscow State university named after M.V.Lomonosov and the center of the International education in Tajikistan were held Days of Russian Language. Three Centers which are taking up the problems of interrelations of the CIS countries - the Center of geopolitical researches, Center "East-West" and the Center of the Tajik language have been opened at the MSLU ,were organized Imomzoda M.S. In 2004 under RTSU Imomzoda M.S. has opened Institute of improvement of professional skill of Russian and the literature teachers The professor Imomzoda M.S.  is one of founders of periodic literary «Literary search» which is devoted to actual problems of the literature and a philological science.

Professor Imomzoda M.S. for a long time was the chairman of dissertational council on defense of doctor's and master's theses at RTSU and now heads dissertational council on defense of doctor's and master's theses at Тajik National University. Under his management 4 doctors and 12 master's theses have been defended.

Imomzoda M.S. is the honorable professor of the Moscow state linguistic university and Xinjiang pedagogical university of the Chinese National Republic(2012).

For the great contribution to a science and preparation of highly-skilled personnel professor  Imomzoda M.S. in 2008 is selected a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Republic Tajikistan, the academician of Academy pedagogical and social sciences of the Russian Federation.

For merits before motherland, for the long-term honest work and the big contribution in friendship and cooperation strengthening between the people the professor  Imomzoda M.S. is awarded the order "Friendship" (2011), the Reading and writing of Executive Committee of the CIS (2011), the Reading and writing of Council about cooperation in an education sphere of the CIS (2011). In 2012 professor Imomzoda M.S. is awarded a rank «the Honored worker of the higher vocational training of the Russian Federation».