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In scientific journal "Science and Innovation" published articles which contain results of scientific researches on the medical, pharmaceutical and geological sciences.

When sending articles to the editorial staff the authors must obey following rules: the size of the article must not be more than 10 pages of computer text, including text, tables, bibliography, pictures and texts with summaries in tajik and russian languages.

The article must be prepared in the system of Microsoft word. Article must be in 2 versions: electronic and printed.

Manuscript must be printed on computer (Times New Roman Tj; 14, Form A4, ordinary interval, tap-3cm, botton-2,5cm, left-3cm, right side of the list-2cm) all lists must have number. On the top of the page, in the center of the list is pointed the theme of the article, lower in one interval the name (s) of the author(s), lower the title of organization, address, e-mail. Further in line follows (start) the main text. At the end of the article after the list of bibliography next coming up summaries in tajik and russian and key words (8-10 words) list of literature comes, in general order, after the main text of the article. The authors must follow the rules of writing.

 The list of used literature. It must contain 5-6 titles of the literature.

Scientific articles, presenting to the editorial staff of the journal must have expert conclusion, the author’s confirm (for articles of natural sciences) and review of specialists on the possibility of publishing.

Members of the editorial staff have the right to reduce and editorial changes of the article.

The articles, which do not meet the requirements, are not received.

Reviews are stored in the editorial office for 5 years.

 The Editorial Board sends copies of reviews to the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation for admission to the editor of the publication of the corresponding request.